About Us


Tuhan Mimarlık is your solution partner that has your dreams designed by a professional designing team as best as possible to best suit your brand and company corporation, and that produces them at its own workshops at all stages from A to Z. It offers you different solutions with its fair stands, exhibition stands, congresses, exhibitions, international events, international attendance stands, stores, showrooms and furniture productions and in the other activities that it carries out.

It conducts these services with its expert staff and globally trusted logistics network with great care at every stage, with a European headquarters. Carrying our customer satisfaction-oriented works forward without compromising our sense of quality is our only goal.



The designing team starts the researching process in line with the brief that is received in order to create designs to meet the requests and needs of our business partner. The international fairs, exhibitions and current design trends are followed and domestic - foreign market and brand researches are conducted. Thus begins the designing process where the creative and authentic concepts that are the most suitable for the brand identity and the needs will be created.


Design is the art of imagining, shaping and implementing something. It is the visual values that consist of lines, direction, texture, ratio-proportion and colors. Design defines a problem, gathers information, makes inventions on the one hand, while it also presents concrete results to create what is ideal by implementing the solutions that it generates on the other hand.


It uses the latest technology and its competent staff members at all stages of production from A to Z for an excellent production. It keeps its quality standards equally at the top in all of the countries where it works and takes care of all of the production and manufacturing stages at its own workshops.

A broad and strong production network is the foundation of quality and success.